Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box EQ vs. Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion

Dodano 17 października 2014, w Bez kategorii, przez CatharineNorville

These 2 are all distortion pedals, I believe that most people will say, in some ways, they share something in common. So this time, I’d like to bring them out and talk about those commons.


Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box EQ


Mesa/Boogie’s 5-band EQ, already seen in their guitar amps, has played an important role in popularizing the „V” shaped scooped-mid setting, this also associated with metal and hard rock. Now this same 5-band EQ was bundled with their brand of high-gain friendly distortion, which they turned into a new pedal – the Throttle Box EQ pedal.

You are basically getting the „dirty” channel of a Mesa/Boogie amp, of course with its powerful 5-band EQ, now they are all in a compact stomp box format. To start with it, the distortion section already has a foot-switchable Hi/Lo mode for two distinct voices. Then add to that the tone-shaping capabilities of the five-band EQ – and a very flexible distortion pedal that can easily handle various styles of high-gain. Of course, this pedal is not limited to just high-gain tones, set it to low-gain and adjust the tone and mid-cut controls, then it can get more classic rock tones.


Retail Price: $299



Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion


As for the wampler triple wreck distortion, specifically the Triple Wreck is a high gain pedal that has satisfied legions of metal and rock players. The company boasts has proven that this pedal is the tightest and thickest high gain distortion on the market, we have to agree with the majority in saying that Wampler is not bluffing.

Hailed by many as a 5150 amp-in-a-box, the Triple Wreck is designed to provide you the highest possible gain, while giving you extended tone shaping controls via its 3 band EQ and its flavor bending Cream-Crunch knob. A Further flexibility in this pedals is provided by its two voices – Vintage (thump) and Modern (sparkle). For a more extreme distortion tones, step on the included boost switch! This pedal is a bit on the premium price range, but the wide array of distorted tones that it can produce makes it a worthy investment.


Retail Price: $270